24V Power Converter for ResMed machines

DC to DC power converters convert a source of direct current (DC) from one voltage to another. This 24V Power Converter was specifically designed for use with ResMed Series PAP devices and the C-100 Battery Pack.

ResMed CPAP, BiLevel and other PAP devices operate from a 24V direct current and the C-100 Battery Pack operates from a 12V direct current so the use of a power converter or power inverter is required.

The simple, single component connection of Battery Power Solutions' 24V Power Converter provides a clean, efficient voltage conversion current allowing you to power your ResMed device with the C-100 Battery Pack.

BPSC-24V (ResMed S9 Series)

BPSC-24V-AS10 (ResMed AirSense 10 Series)

Battery pack and ResMed CPAP pictured for reference, not included. 

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