Glysonna - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. What is Glysonna?

A. Glysonna is a dietary supplement developed to support the natural sleep process. We set out with the goal to create a sleep aid that is good for sleep and also good for you. The resulting liquid formula contains two sets of ingredients; active ingredients which directly encourage sleep, and wellness ingredients which act as a multivitamin by nourishing the body overnight.

Q. Is Glysonna approved by the FDA?

A. Products classed as dietary supplements do not require FDA approval in the same manner that prescription and over-the-counter medications do. That said, our focus is the wellness of our customers and every effort has been made to ensure the natural formula is optimized for maximum strength without causing unwanted side effects.

In addition, all of our ingredients are on the FDA's safe list - a fact essential to us conforming to the FDA's current good manufacturing process guidelines (cGMP).

Q. What is Glysonna made of?

A. Glysonna contains eight active ingredients – Glycine, L-Theanine, JuJube Extract, Phenibut, Hops Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Cinnamon Extract and Melatonin – and seven wellness ingredients – Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Selenium, Niacin and Magnesium.

Unlike competing sleep products, Glysonna does not contain criticized and potentially harmful ingredients such as antihistamines, alcohol, tryptophan and 5HTP. Glysonna is also free from sugar, carbohydrates and gluten.

Q. Where is Glysonna made?

A. Glysonna is developed and manufactured in the United States of America.


Q. Who should use Glysonna?

A. Glysonna is suitable for anyone who is over the age of 14 and is not also pregnant or lactating. Glysonna has successfully helped individuals suffering from long-term issues such as sleep apnea, insomnia and PTSD in addition to short-term difficulties with sleep such as anxiety or surgery.

In some cases doctors recommend Glysonna as a first-response option for acute insomnia or a drug substitute to treat chronic insomnia. It may also be considered a non-respiratory depressant, non-drug sleep aid to be used in conjunction with PAP therapy.

As with any dietary supplement, we request you please consult your doctor before taking Glysonna and use only as directed. This is especially true if you are currently taking a prescription sleep medication.

Q. What is the recommended dose?

A. The recommended dose for adults aged 18+ is one ounce (two tablespoons) taken directly at bedtime. Glysonna is safe for teens aged 14+ though not to exceed one half the adult dose at ½ ounce (one tablespoon).

Q. How do I take Glysonna?

A. Measure and consume the recommended dose using the included dosage cup directly at bedtime. As the product does not contain sugar many customers take Glysonna as the last part of their nightly routine after brushing their teeth.

Q. What does Glysonna feel like?

A. Unlike prescription sleep drugs that have a heavy “knock out” effect, customers report that Glysonna feels like a deep relaxation that pulls you into sleep. Glysonna is gentle on your body, leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning without grogginess.

It is important you allow for 8 hours sleep. Do not take Glysonna when driving, operating heavy machinery, or where attention to safety is otherwise required.

Q. What does Glysonna taste like?

A. Glysonna has a pleasing apple-cinnamon flavor.

Q. Should I take Glysonna every night?

A. You should take Glysonna on nights you need help getting to sleep, for some this may be every night and others just occasionally. The product is designed to take every night if necessary.

Q. Is Glysonna Addictive?

A. We understand that many of our customers are looking to transition away from dependency on sleeping pills; Glysonna has no known addictive qualities and is a natural, viable alternative to prescription drugs.

Q. What would happen if I gave Glysonna to my dog, cat, or pet iguana…?

A. We don’t know, and we do not advise you do this.


Q. How do I buy Glysonna?

A. Glysonna is made available to the public exclusively by, an online retailer of sleep apnea and insomnia related products launching in early 2014. The team at ZoomCPAP believe in Glysonna so strongly that they have made the product available from this microsite ahead of the full website launch. You can buy Glysonna here while pre-production stocks last. In the future you will be able to purchase Glysonna from

Q. How much does Glysonna cost?

A. A single 8oz bottle of Glysonna retails for $24.95. From time to time we will offer promotional bulk and subscription discounts.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. Glysonna is shipped out of our distribution center in Southern California. Your order should arrive within 1-8 working days of payment confirmation depending on where you live and which shipping option you selected.

Please see shipping rates, order processing times and estimated delivery times below. Your package will arrive via United States Postal Service (USPS) or FedEx based on the order weight, shipping address & shipping speed chosen during checkout.

 Processing TimeServiceTotal Delivery TimeCost (Standard Order)Cost (Order over $99.00)
Contiguous 48 states 1 day Ground(3-5 days) 4-6 days $9.50 FREE
Same day if order received prior to 2pm otherwise 1 Day Priority(2-4 days) 2-5 days $15.00 $15.00
Same day if order received prior to 2pm otherwise 1 Day Express(1-2 days) 1-3 days $22.50 $22.50
Hawaii & Alaska 1 day Ground(5-7 days) 6-8 days $14.50 $14.50
Same day if order received prior to 2pm otherwise 1 Day Priority(2-4 days) 2-5 days $20.00 $20.00
Same day if order received prior to 2pm otherwise 1 Day Express(1-2 days) 1-3 days $37.50 $37.50