Glysonna - Testimonials


"As an extremely light sleeper, any little noise would wake me up. With Glysonna, I just don't wake up. I get a solid block of sleep every night and wake up without any residual drugs in my system. This is a great product."

- Laurie Bruns

"I recommend Glysonna to all my patients."

- Dr. Beverly Yates, Governor appointee to California's Naturopathic Medicine Committee.

"Glysonna is helping me to reach the deep sleep cycles I have not had for decades and it doesn't leave me feeling drugged when I wake up in the morning. I strongly recommend Glysonna to anyone who has chronic sleep issues."

- Misa Garavaglia, Life Coach

"Great customer service, have cut down on my need for Ambien."

- George Birdsong, Retired

"Glysonna is a ticket to la la land."

- Mark Passalacqua, Financial Advisor